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Animation studio Ukraine

Beemloop is a team of strongest professionals in the industry. We work with a broad range of clients in advertising, broadcast and entertainment industries. We take our work seriously and it is reflected in hi-end video animations.


Our mission is to help organizations achieve core business goals using digital space. We make animated videos to impact sales, advocacy, and lead generation. We don't have freelancers in our team, all our team split in to 3 offices to make sure we always deliver on time and at the highest quality.

Script Writing

Our secret script writer is ready to prepare a script that will give your business a new wave of leads. More than 100 scripts that needed no revisions are in his portfolio.


We work with a list of VoiceOver artists from all over the world, with great equipment and professional experience. We are ready to work with any language and accent.

Sound Design

We are here to support you and guarantee delivering high quality video right on time when you need them.

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Main Directions


For every video we put our effort into providing you with the highest quality illustrations and animation.


Ideas are ofter the most important in video creation. Deep sound effects make videos even more engaging.


We are here to support you and guarantee delivering high quality video right on time when you need them.


We work closely with both local and overseas voice talents. So if you are looking for native speakers of a unique language, we can help you. With our voice talents and studios, we can deliver fast turnaround time for our client’s recording sessions.

Male Voiceover

With our wide selection of dedicated and professional voice-over talents coupled with our expertise in voice direction and production, rest assured that your final product will be quite simply a (pardon the pun) Suite Sound.

FEMALE Voiceover
Creative Team

Our pricing police is very transparent and we have no hidden fees. We have very competitive pricing based on our location and creative Ukrainian talents. Script writing and voiceover are always included in quote.

App Explainer Video
$ 999
  • up to 45 sec
  • Quality Mockups
  • Custom UI animation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Logo Animation
  • Background Music & SFX
  • 15 Days Delivery
  • 5 Revisions
App Explainer Video
60 sec Explainer Video
$ 1499
  • Up to 60 sec
  • Script Writing
  • Unique Illustrations
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Custom Animation
  • BG Music and SFX
  • 20 Days Delivery
  • 5 Revisions
60 sec Explainer Video
Custom Request
  • Logo Animation
  • Social Media Post
  • UI design
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Long Explainer Video
  • Motion Design
  • Website Illustrations
  • Lottie Animations
Custom Request
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